Vigier GV Wood Guitar NAMM 2016 (SOLD)


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Vigier GV Wood Guitar NAMM 2016.  (SOLD)

Brand New in Stock!

This is an exceptional sounding and playing guitar handmade in France by Master Builder Patrice Vigier, one of the finest guitar builders today. The neck is awesome.  Vigier makes the best necks ever put on a guitar hands down. Comfortable satin D-profile maple neck & board, 90% French maple, 10% carbon fibre so it never bends, warps or twists regardless of string choice or extreme weather conditions. According to an  iguitarmag review Vigier Guitars have “quality components and high build quality that make Vigier some of the best guitars on earth”.

One of the nicest features of the neck is that due to the aging process, stiffness & carbon fiber rod, there are no dead spots on the neck. Every note resonates loudly and clearly. Be sure and check Vigier Guitars “torture test” on youtube for more construction quality info. Guitar Poetry is an authorized Vigier Dealer. Please call or email Guitar Poetry with any questions @ 704-492-9196 or


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