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sebago dt25 Combo_FrontNew in Stock! Sebago Sound DT25 Overdrive Deluxe – 25W of tonal nirvana!

Guitar Poetry is proud to have become an authorized dealer & offer Sebago Sound’s  blue-printed version of the now famous Dumble Overdrive Deluxe amp. The amp is custom built.

If you’re looking for an affordable hand made amplifier that captures the tone that you hear in your ear but can’t get out of your amp, then you’ve found the right place!

The Double Trouble line offers one of the widest range of sounds available in an all-tube guitar amp, reminiscent of the famous Overdrive Special amplifiers of the 70’s and 80’s. The clean channel evokes the “Blackface” Twin era: lots of top end, full bottom and a wide control over the midrange balance. The overdrive channel really doesn’t have an equal. It offers a very wide range of overdrive, all the way from a clean sound that overdrives with a hard pick attack, to very saturated, smooth and sustaining violin like distortion. Both the clean and overdrive channels can be boosted with a footswitchable preamp boost that offers a nice increase in volume and drive level to any sound. All of our amplifiers are hand made right here in the USA. We use the finest components, and hand build and test every amp we make.

Two Channel head:

Power: 50/15 RMS

Valves: 1 12ax7, 1 12at7, 2 el34

Extra features: Pull crunch for clean channel, gain boos for overdrive channel, spring reverb with separate controls for each channel, effects loop, low-hi power switch, selectable output bias for el34 or 6l6 power valves

Size: mm 567w/250h/260d




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