Excalibur Shawn Lane Signature


Shawn Lane has been recognized as the fastest guitar player ever, but from our point of view, he was primarily a composer of melodies that deeply reached the soul. We made a unique Excalibur for him which features a flat fingerboard with probably the lowest string action in guitar-making history. He played this guitar from the day he got it until the day he sadly died in 2003. We kindly thank his family for allowing us to continue building Shawn’s signature guitar series.

Product Description

Type: Solid body

Number of strings: 6

Neck Type: Bolt-on featuring the 10/90 System

Wood: Maple naturally dried for 3 yearsvigier shawn lane model

Shape: D

Finish: Matte varnish

Width of neck at nut: 42mm / 1.65″

Width of neck at last fret: 56,5mm / 2.22″

Depth of neck at first fret: 19,5mm / .76″

Depth of neck at 12th fret: 23mm / .90″
String spacing at nut: 35mm / 1.38″
String spacing at bridge: 53mm / 2.08″
Action as supplied at 12th fret, treble: 0,7 mm / .0275″
Action as supplied at 12th fret, bass: 1,0 mm / .0393″
Type of nut: Teflon nut + hardened zero fret technology

Fingerboard Wood: Rosewood

Radius: Flat fingerboard

Type of frets: Medium Number of frets: 24 + zero fret

Inlay: Dots

Body Wood: Two center-joined pieces of solid, naturally aged alder.

Finish: Varnish dries for 5 weeks minimum

Accessories Machine heads brand name: Vigier

Type of machine heads: Over sized locking machine heads

Bridge brand name: Vigier/ Type of bridge: 2011 non locking tremolo, pivoting on needles bearings

End pin: Brass casing that inserts deep into the body and locks the strap button in place.

Finish: Chrome


Pickup brand name: DiMarzio

Type of pickup: H/S/H Pickup model: Air Classic/FS1/Air Classic Switch: 5 positions Controls: Volume Tone Pickup selector: 1 Humbucker in neck position 2 Single-coil in neck & middle position 3 Single-coil in neck & bridge position 4 Single-coil in bridge & middle position 5 Humbucker in bridge position

Shielding: Yes

Miscellaneous Weight: 3Kg / 6.6lbs

Left handed version: Not available

Delivered with case: Hard case

Strings: Vigier 9-42

Made in: France Warranty: 2 years


natural-alder shawn lane

Color: natural alder (Shawn Lane Signature)


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