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Welcome to the Music Performance And Technology website or for short. is a division of the Bruce Arnold Foundation, and is the place to keep current with our various workshops and events. The main purpose of is to teach performance and technology skills. Each workshop has lectures that encourage student participation and ensemble classes where students can directly apply the skills they are mastering. Because Technology plays an ever increasing role in the creation of contemporary music, from composing and performing to editing and mastering, there are Music Technology classes ranging from audio applications using PDAs to full blown DAWs. Classes cover a wide range of PDA audio applications, and more complex programs such as ProTools, Triple Play, Finale, and Sibelius.

The workshops cover many musical styles ranging from blues to straight ahead jazz, rock, country, blues, and metal. Each of the faculty members is both well known, and well versed in these styles. All of the above-mentioned musical genres are treated as art forms that require serious study. To that end, courses in Ear Training, Time, and Technique, all utilizing the Bruce Arnold System are a feature of the curriculum. The Bruce Arnold System of music education aligns the way music is taught with the way the brain functions, and the way music is played with the way the body works. The method combines the techniques and ideas developed by master teachers with innovations from Arnold’s observations of musical ergonomics, and his own experiences teaching and playing. The system has been refined over thirty years of development and has proven results.

Currently the main instruments taught at this camp are Guitar, Bass, Drums and Keyboards, however instrumentalists of any kind, and especially vocalists, will find work with the Bruce Arnold System to be particularly useful.

Certain workshops also have special additional courses depending on location so please check the course and schedule pages of each workshop for details.


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