Excess Indus 4 String



Excess Indus is a black-clad beast ready to take on the heaviest and most demanding styles of heavy rock music. It comes with a body made of solid alder. The body features a double cutaway and a slightly carved top. There are no top woods, bindings or pickguards. Bridge section sports a Quick Release bridge which is painted black. Vigier installs their own single coil pickups in S/S configuration. They are controlled through master volume and balance knobs. In addition to these, Vigier installs bass and treble knobs for further tone modeling. Neck on this Indus is made of maple. It features D contour and bolt-on joint. Rosewood and maple fingerboard options feature 24 medium-sized frets, dot position inlays, 1.65″ wide teflon nut and 11.80″ radius.

Product Description

Type: Solid body

Number of strings:

Neck Type: Bolt-on featuring the 10/90 Systemvigier excess indus

(10% carbon with 90% of wood).

Shape: D

Finish: Textured

Width of neck at nut: 42mm / 1.65

” Width of neck at last fret: 62mm / 2.44

” Depth of neck at first fret: 19,5mm / .76″

Depth of neck at 12th fret: 23mm / .90″

String spacing at nut: 33 mm / 1.30″

String spacing at bridge: 57 mm / 2.24″

Action as supplied at 12th fret, treble: 2.0 mm / .078″

Action as supplied at 12th fret, bass: 2.5mm / .098″

Type of nut: Teflon nut + hardened zero fret technology

Fingerboard Wood: Maple or rosewood.

Radius: 300mm/11.81″

Type of frets: Medium

Number of frets: 24

Scale length: 860mm / 33.8″

Inlay: Dots

Body Wood: Two center-joined pieces of solid, naturally aged alder.

Finish: Varnish dries for 5 weeks minimum


Machine heads brand name: Schaller

custom Bridge brand name: Vigier.

Type of bridge: Quick release

End pin: Brass casing that inserts deep into the body and locks the strap button in place.

Finish: Black

Electronic Pickup brand name: Vigier

Type of pickup: Single coil.

Switch: Balance

Electronic: Active A hum-canceling circuit eliminates the hum usually associated with single-coil pickups to create a true studio-quiet performance:

single-coil tone without the hum.

Controls: Volume Balance Bass Treble

Shielding: Conductive paint

Miscellaneous Weight: 3,8Kg / 8.3lbs



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